Our Story

It isn’t easy in a country with so many sheep to promote a plant based diet, but we have.


In 1984 we started to make tofu in New Zealand. Back then people saw us as a little mad but as time has gone by and people have stopped seeing vegetarian eating as some kind of fringe lunacy, we’ve become a well-recognised and well-loved part of the New Zealand food scene.

In 2008 we bought sparkling new equipment from Japan and trained with Japanese Tofu Masters, to make our tofu even better. We’ve been relentless in making sure that there is an ever widening choice of things you might like to eat from our range, so in 2015 we expanded our offering into wholefood products starting with Café Style vegetable burgers.

Today we put all our dedication into making the best tasting plant based products there is. Something we want to share with the rest of the world.